In today’s business world, capturing consumer attention via engaging content (newsletters, blog subscriptions, or advertising) is a priceless tool to help you close sales. But, as you can imagine, getting website visitors to volunteer their contact information in order to send them that content is tough. Today’s consumers are wary of giving our their information–and for good reason. We have all had the experience of opening up our email inbox or physical mail box, only to find it crammed full of unsolicited spam from companies we have no interest in.

So, in order to grow your mailing list, you need to make sure that you are creating irresistible opt-ins. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Know Your Ideal Client

There is no point in having a big following if no one is engaged or interested enough to click on your call to actions. Before you set up your mailing list or ask people to subscribe, know exactly who you want to market to. Then, tailor your communications to meet the specific wants and needs of that population. The entire purpose of a mailing list or a growing social media following is to help you cultivate relationships that ultimately benefit your company, so make sure you are focusing your efforts on building rapport with the right people.

  1. Give a Winning First Impression

Make sure that your communications are high-quality; they should be error-free, eye-catching (but not too visually distracting), and should ideally offer something the consumer wants. Use your opt-in to give a great first impression of your professionalism and high-quality communications that customers can expect from you. Show that you value the opportunity to reach out to your subscriber base and that you won’t waste it with amateur content or low effort. Always provide value. I give a lot of valuable content away for free that most people would charge for. I do that because I always want my potential client base to walk away with an experience that actually helps them to move the needle on their business. It gives them the confidence that when they ultimately hire me, they will be receiving top notch service and a positive return on their investment.

  1. Cut the Sales-y Jargon

People can smell desperation and sales-y language from a mile away, so it’s important to keep your opt-in messaging authentic and low-pressure. Clearly, succinctly and conversationally lay out what your customers can expect to receive from you when they hand over their information. Additionally, put potential customers at ease by letting them know that you won’t give out their personal details to anyone else. Your messaging has to address their pain. If it doesn’t, they aren’t going to take the next step. You should focus on how you will address their pain and the value that means to them. Don’t expect people to hit the “buy now” button right away. They need to be nurtured through the sales journey. You can learn more about lead nurturing strategies here

  1. Create Unique, Valuable Content

Can you distinguish your content from your competitors’? If not, your customers can’t, either. Stand out from the crowd by making sure you are offering something special — something they can’t find anywhere else. Nobody wants to trade their personal contact information for content they can find for free on another site, or for information that is not truly engaging, useful or actionable. What about your angle or voice sets you apart from the rest? What kind of articles, blogs, white papers, PDFs, or infographics can you create that will add value for your potential customer? To make your offer irresistible, make sure that your opt-in page promises unique, interesting content in exchange for their email address–and that you truly deliver on that promise.

Crafting a truly effective opt-in can be a tough nut to crack. As with any marketing efforts, try out multiple opt-in messages and validate them with A/B testing, using the above tips as a guide. Good luck, and happy info-gathering!

If you need some help creating your own opt-in, I’m holding a workshop on How To Create Your PDF Ebook And Attract Your Ideal Client. Click on the image below for details.