It’s officially Fall. Although the weather is still humid here in Boston, it’s still Fall. The kids are back to school, and we are soon going to be well into the holiday season. As you eat your apple cider donuts and sip on your pumpkin spice latte, ask yourself these 2 questions:


Have you accomplished your goals for 2017?


Do you have a plan in place to finish the year strong?


If you answered no to these questions, don’t worry. You still have 2.5 months to make some EPIC shit happen. But, you MUST have a plan.

I know you have worked super hard to make some huge strides in your business this year. So, take a moment, pat yourself on the back, pour some champagne and reflect on your accomplishments.

Okay, now it’s time to get crack-a-lackin’ and make shit happen. You need a strategy to start bringing in that income you have been dreaming about.

The following are a few steps that might help you get to your stellar 4th quarter faster than you imagined:

Set an Income Goal: Be crystal clear about your expectations for the quarter for your company. A bad example of a goal for a quarter is: “I want to make lots of money” because it’s hard to measure against. “A lot of money” is a pretty general topic that is hard to measure against. Everyone’s definition of “a lot of money” varies greatly. However, if you were to say, “I want to make the most money of any quarter this year” you could look back and determine how much that is. To get even better at setting goals, to say, “I want to make $25,000 this quarter” is great! It’s a goal you can measure. You achieve it or you don’t! Simple as that!


Break Down Your Goals Further: To determine your end goal, set goals each month of how much you will bring in. For example, “To reach my $25,000 goal for 3 months I need to bring in $8,334 per month.” It’s measurable and not debatable! Keep breaking that number down further until you get to your daily goal. Based on 30 days in a month, you need to make roughly $278 per day. Sounds doable, right? 


Set Steps to Achieve These Monthly Goals: Having income goals is a great step to keep you focused on having a great quarter, but setting steps to help you get there is key as well. First decide what your offers are. Do they need to change based on what your audience needs? Then analyze what’s been working and what hasn’t and adjust where necessary. Not posting regularly on social media? Pick ONE platform and be consistent. Set a plan to post twice a day and make a point to engage with your audience. Determine 3-4 strategies and break them down into actionable steps that you can take. 


Current Customer Blitz: This is your low-hanging fruit. They have already purchased from you in the past and they are most likely to buy from you again or offer a referral. Another bonus to working with existing and past clients is that it reduces the on-boarding time. It’s always a good idea to stay in regular contact with existing and past customers.  Keep them informed of what’s going on in their industry, share articles that you think would be of interest to them, send them your blogs and share any new updates in your business. 


Start acting, “As if”: Okay, this is a mindset tactic but it works like a charm. A great motivator and mindset exercise is to visualize and start acting like you have already achieved your goal. Be the best actress you can be. Pretend “as if.” It’s like the exercise of feeling happy–you smile for a minute in the mirror and you just naturally start feeling happy. So, act “as if” you have surpassed your revenue projections. 


Nurture Leads:  Be sure to reach out to any leads that look promising. Check in with them. See how they are doing. Is there anything they are struggling with? Map your solution to their struggle. Sales is just a conversation. It doesn’t have to feel icky. Just keep providing valuable content that moves them through the buyer journey.  For instance, write a blog post that answers a problem that is nagging at your audience. End that blog post with a call to action, either to another blog post, a free resource, an upcoming workshop..wherever you want to take them, and so on. Map the journey and then plan the content.  Make sure to share that blog post EVERYWHERE.


Just remember to set goals and reach for them. Improving your business takes a clear strategy and a solid mindset. See where you can go and how you can help your business grow while also staying true to who you are and who your faithful clients want you to be!


If you need some help in crushing your 4th quarter goals and starting your 2018 strong, sign up for the FREE Roadmap to $25k in 90 Days Workshop or book your One Day Business Intensive and start hitting those dream income goals!