Whole Happy – Achieving success by nurturing all of the fundamental areas of your life. 

#WholeHappy Entrepreneurs

We are a community of empowered female entrepreneurs that share business strategy and lifestyle tips. We believe that to achieve success in the art of business, we have to nurture all of the primary areas of life.

Whether the subject is business, nutrition, self-care, relationships, spirit or style related, this is the place where we explore how to live each and every day with possibilities. We are fascinating go-getters that believe in turning possibilities into probabilities.

I’ll want you to feel free to share your experiences and stories. I’m always amazed at how often and how well a shared human experience can create community. And when that same community chimes in with their own stories and guidance, the community can often create solutions—solutions that work for all of us.

Happy to have you in our Whole Happy Crew!

The #WholeHappy Method

If your aim is to transform all aspects of your life, it is not only possible but also achievable. This program will take you from overwhelmed and tired to getting your sassy back. Twice per year we offer this 3-month online group program. You will receive weekly emails and videos with tasks and exercises and have lifetime access to a fabulous group of like-minded women. The goal of this program is transformation whether that means weight loss, career shifts, better relationships or discovering your soul purpose.

This program is open to ALL women, not just entrepreneurs.

Cost: $197 per month for 3 months or $500 if paid in full.

Next session opens March 2017.

#WholeHappy Living

Launching soon….

We are the editorial destination for balancing all of the primary areas of your life: Love, Health, Career, Self and Spirit. As women, we are all just trying to keep our shit together. Writing for kickass and empowered women is truly one of my favorite things to do.

Whether the subject is career, nutrition, relationships, style or interviews with fabulous women like yourself, this is the place is where I will explore how to live each day and every day with endless possibility and joy.