Accelerate Your Business

1:1 personalized coaching, focusing on the areas of business that will yield impactful results.

Do you have a bunch of things you’d like to tweak or change about your business, but you don’t necessarily want to dive into a three month generic program that isn’t specific to your needs? And you have no desire to invest in a super expensive, yet generic course that only focuses on one area of your business? I get it. Business byDesign is perfect for someone who wants an expert opinion, practical advice, and a personalized blueprint on specific aspects of their business without a regular commitment or wasted investment.   We’ll focus on the key areas of your business that make the largest impact when it comes to attracting and serving your ideal clients. The best part? We’ll break it down into bite sized chunks with doable action steps, and we’ll do it in ONE DAY. Quick plan. Quick action. Quick results. Having a coach and mentor to hold you accountable and help you to accomplish your goals will not only boost your bottom line, but it will increase your momentum, focus, and most importantly your self-confidence. We are going to roll up our sleeves and get shit done. Are you with me?

Areas of Potential Focus Include:
  • Crafting a mission statement that truly connects with your ideal clients on the deepest level will be top priority as we begin our work.
  • We’ll establish core values that effectively share your heart and vision in a way that gets your clients to know, like, and trust you immediately.
  • Developing a kickass client profile is key so you know who you’re attracting–and who you’re repelling. (Don’t worry, you’ll quickly understand why you want–and need–to repel in order to consistently land your dream clients!)
  • Creating a cohesive visual brand isn’t for the faint of heart! Don’t worry girl, I’ve got you covered. I’ll provide suggestions for ways to make your website, social media, and other branded collateral pieces feel like you so your clients with instantly recognize your brand, and be able to pick you out from the crowd.
  • Let’s face it, we all need expert advice on packaging our services to make sure they’re accurately depicting the incredible results we can help our clients achieve. We may have the most amazing, life changing services ever, but if they aren’t packaged in a way that resonates with our clients, then no one will ever know! I’ll help you clearly, and effectively convey what you do, how you can help, and what results your clients will walk away with so you no longer need to qualify yourself for your clients, instead they’ll be qualifying themselves for you!
  • Together we’ll develop a pricing strategy to help make you profitable–We will do the work to help you define your ideal price point because in the end, doing what you love isn’t that fun if you’re not able to meet your financial goals–and get a manicure every now and again!
Content Strategy
  • We’ll develop lead magnets that have clients begging for more. It’s all about serving your clients in a way that only you can. Together we’ll dive deep, find your zone of genius, and pinpoint the ways in which you tap into awesomeness to attract your raving fans.
  • Ahhh, social media. It’s probably the bane of your existence as an entrepreneur. Am I right?! Well it doesn’t have to be that way! Together we will come up with a doable and effective social media strategy that is targeted towards reaching your ideal clients where they hang out.
  • Blogging is another necessary evil in this digital world we live in. Plus, it helps with SEO to help get us to the top of that elusive Google search! I help you flip the script on blogging and start seeing it as an opportunity to kiki (aka party) with your prospective clients–you’ll be ready to pop the bubbly in no time! We’ll determine a blogging strategy that positions you as an expert in your field, gives you great ideas for content that actually serves your clients and keeps them coming back for more, and work through some of the technical need-to-knows when it comes to writing, posting, and sharing your posts.
Course Creation
  • We’ll determine the perfect course topic that will let your zone of genius shine and will attract your ideal students.
  • Together we will outline your course–each module, each lesson, each exercise and more.
  • We will develop a sales and marketing strategy that will position you as the expert and have your ideal students lining up to buy your course.
  • Now that you know who your ideal client is, it’s time to work on generating leads and figuring out how to actually find those unicorn clients. We’ll determine how to most efficiently use your time when trying to generate the leads you’ve been looking for, and we’ll do it in a seriously targeted way.
  • Once you have your leads, how do you take that relationship to the next level? It’s all about serving them them over, and over, and over again. You’ve got to nurture those leads, sister! It’s not enough to just have clients walking through the door, you actually have to keep them engaged and ready to sign on the dotted line when that time comes.
  • Yea, I get it. Selling yourself is hard, but having sales conversations with your clients is necessary and unavoidable. The goal is to make this process comfortable for everyone involved. While there are a variety of sales conversations you may be having with clients, closing the sale is key and will be an area of focus so we make sure you feel like the pro you are–and not a used car salesman.
  • I want to help you see that sales conversations can feel genuine (and not icky!), and to get you ultimately understand that your clients probably want to pay you for your services! You helped them, right?! It’s the least they can do!
  • Hellooooo workflows! When you can’t actually get out of your own way with the day to day, it can feel seriously overwhelming to think about taking on more clients even though that’s what’s bringing in the profit. Together, we will define and streamline your systems and processes to make you more efficient than you ever thought you could be. You’ll be ready to serve those clients once they’re knocking at your door without the steep learning curve. This will also help you to scale your business when and if the time comes.
  • “You have a mind, but you are not your mind.” Mindset work is some of the most important work you can do as an entrepreneur. There’s no doubt that overcoming obstacles is par for the course as a #bosslady. We’ll discuss how to do that in a way that keeps your vibes as high as your skyrocketing profits so that you aren’t knocked off course if you hit a little business turbulence.
  • Speaking of high vibes and all things “woo woo,” we’ll talk Law of Attraction, manifesting, being in alignment, and how these things can impact you in life changing ways both personally and professionally. We’ve got to keep you in the zone–the productivity zone!

How This Works…


  • You’ll pay for the session/s in advance. Payment plans are available but must be paid in full prior to call.
  • I’ll send you a Welcome Packet and a  questionnaire to fill out and a link to schedule your call with me. FYICalls are done between the hours of 9amEST-5pmEST but we can discuss other options if needed.
  • We will have a pre-call via Zoom for 45 minutes and we will determine which areas of your business we should focus on.
  • We will meet for 4 hours (with breaks in between) via Zoom and create a personalized strategy for your business.
  • I’ll send you the call recording and a custom Success Blueprint within 48 hours so you can go back through it at any time and review it.
  • We will have a 45 minute follow up 30 days later to review your progress and make any tweaks necessary.
  • Bonus #1: 4 blogs written in your brand voice on topics that will attract your ideal customer.   (Value: $480)
  • Bonus #2: A gorgeous ebook to be use as a lead magnet or course workbook. (Value: $1500)

Who This Is For…


These Business Intensives are for the woman that is looking to make big strides in her business. She may already have her business set up and is ready to take it to the next level or she’s got a kickass business idea or program that she wants to launch and needs some direction and a good action plan. The one thing about her is she doesn’t make excuses, she works really hard, and knows she was made to do big things. She’s ready to charge forward on her business dramatically, and desires to create a legacy and a business that she loves.  

Sound like you? I know you’re reading this for a reason.

There are 4 spots open for the month of July.

Are You Fired Up And Ready Get To Work? Yeah, Me Too!

One Day Business Intensive


Are you a former client that just needs some clarity?

Two Hour Session (plus the bonuses above)


*Note: Installment options are available, please contact to request information. We will reach out within 24 hours to schedule the dates after we receive your order notification.

These sessions are perfect for you if you’re looking for clarity, direction, brainstorming, problem solving, and an ACTIONABLE plan for success.

These sessions are probably NOT right for you if you aren’t ready to do the work it takes to build a business. We will identify obstacles in your way and come up with an action plan to smash them. However, this is a no excuses and no whining zone. If that sounds harsh, that’s a good clue that this isn’t for you. I’m building businesses, not safe spaces. Only realpreneurs allowed.