“Your business, life, love, financial and physical goals are all connected…..”

I’m Kelli Coviello, business designer, strategist, mom, and all-around badass.

I am an entrepreneur at heart, and always have been. I’ve spent my life surrounded by a family of business owners who have shaped my entrepreneurial spirit, as well as my belief in the importance of giving back.

Despite my penchant for entrepreneurship, I was stuck in the corporate grind. I was making a six-figure salary, and was regularly referred to as a “superstar,” by those that “mattered” which at the time felt good, and important. Ego strokes like this kept me going, but the reality was, I was getting burned out. I was traveling all the time, never making it home for the holidays, working 80 hours a week and I was miserable. The undeniable bottom line: it was affecting all areas of my life. Sound familiar?

Yea, that really sucked. So you know what? I decided to do something about it. When I had my son, I quickly realized that the corporate hamster wheel no longer fit my life. I was feeling suffocated in my role at work, and needed to make a change. Around this time, the unthinkable happened. My dad passed away. He was my hero, and the main inspiration on my entrepreneurial and philanthropic journey. I was devastated, but I knew that the time had come to be the creator and designer of my own life. So, to honor his spirit as well as my own, I took the leap.

My Philosphy

I’ve helped amazing clients from completely different spheres of the business world. From Fortune 150 companies, to mid-size software companies, to start-ups and solopreneurs, I’ve worked with all of them. I’ve also worked with individuals that were looking to find clarity in the direction of their business while at the same time designing a life they love to live. What do the two have to do with each other? EVERYTHING.

If your business, life, love, and spirit are operating in isolation from one another, you will not be successful. You have to break down those barriers and work collaboratively across all of the primary areas of your life to meet your full potential and create your blueprint for success.

My vision is to work with female entrepreneurs that need that a business bestie to brainstorm with, to help them create growth strategies and to cheer on their successes over a glass or two of some good champs–even if it’s virtually! Celebration is important ladies, and I can’t wait to share in all the incredible wins coming your way.

Your business and life goals are connected, and you cannot fix one without addressing the other. Our work together is intended to address all areas of your life simultaneously in order to reignite the love you had for your business the day you launched. This doesn’t have to seem overwhelming. If you have the right attitude, the right partnership and the right plan in place, you can achieve your goals.I’ll be there every step of the way to cheer you on, and party like a rockstar with you when you do.

If you want to hear a little bit more about my business philosophy take a listen.