Even the most leak-proof sales funnel will have some leads will drop out for one reason or another. It’s inevitable that not all of your prospects will pan out, and that’s okay.

But wait,” you say, “I lost out on a potential sale. How am I supposed to be okay with that?” 

It’s simple: not all is lost. Just because someone wasn’t ready to buy in the past doesn’t disqualify them as a future customer. Perhaps they weren’t ready to commit, or it just wasn’t the right time.

If you stay in touch with them via a lead nurturing campaign, you can make sure that they remember you when they finally are ready. And as a bonus, implementing a lead nurturing strategy ensures that they won’t come back as a cold lead. The point of lead nurturing is to keep them warm and toasty so that your company remains at the top of their mind, and to continue to persuade them that your business is the best choice.

Let’s take a look at some tips for implementing a successful lead nurturing strategy:

  1. Target and segment your strategy

The more targeted your marketing efforts are, the more effective they will be. And you have an advantage in lead nurturing because you already know your audience. You segment your strategy by building out lead nurturing campaigns that are personalized to different segments of your list.  These folks will feel as if you  really understand their needs and can offer the most relevant, helpful product. That way, when they’re ready to buy, they perceive you as the right fit for them — not your competitor.

If you have a resource or content library, make sure to include relevant content in your lead nurturing campaign to position yourself as a thought leader in the industry. There’s a reason why content marketing is all the rage: it works!

  1. Schedule each touch

The entire point of lead nurturing is to stay in touch so make sure that you’re not letting too much time go between each message. Be consistent and try to make sure that every piece of your campaign is planned, completed, and scheduled in advance. That way you’ll be sure that no one will fall through the cracks. Automated email marketing software is particularly useful here, and it can save you a lot of time and energy.

  1. Consider Multi-channel marketing

The focus in lead nurturing often falls on email marketing but there’s a whole world out there! Think of how effective it would be if someone received a well-crafted marketing email and advertisements on social media that followed up on that email’s messaging by providing more information or a different perspective on the same offer.

Your leads are all over the place so you should be, too. Ensure that your lead nurturing strategy is as successful as possible by creating it as a targeted, holistic marketing experience for every prospect on your list.

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