Ask anyone to describe today’s modern female entrepreneur and you’ll hear words like “confident” and “innovative” and “creative.”  Just like men, women entrepreneurs use these strengths to achieve economic independence through self-employment.

In fact, today’s business women are flocking to the entrepreneurial world.  However, they’re doing so for very different reasons than men, mainly because they have very different priorities.  Modern female entrepreneurs want to harmonize their personal and business lives, bringing both of them together to form a company based upon their own personal values, aspirations, and goals.

When a woman is completely in love with her dream of a fabulous life and career, nothing will stop her from achieving it.  Consequently, women who are passionate about their businesses are very good at finding the best information, tools and support to help make their dreams become realities.

For me, one of the best tools for defining the pathway to your dream is mind mapping. Mind mapping is a dynamic graphic process that can unlock hidden potential is your brain.

There are entire books written about mind mapping, so I’ll leave the actual details of how to do mind mapping to those authors. But I would like to discuss how and where it works, because it’s just…well…amazing!

Mind mapping challenges, stimulates, entices, and delights the mind.  And it’s not just for planning your business. You can use it to explore every area of your life where you want clearer thinking, improved learning or enhanced performance.

The design of a mind map resembles a tree with spreading limbs.  Key words are arranged in a colorful, branching design that shows relationship and flow between actions and ideas.  Because this structure is fairly free form, thoughts are gently encouraged to spread in all directions, naturally moving and defining the creative process that is necessary to develop the path to the end goal.

I personally use mind mapping in all areas. Whether it’s planning a new social media strategy or determining which home project I want to tackle first (my new kitchen is still the winning choice!), mind mapping can help me define the next steps to take to reach my ultimate goal.

I truly believe that to achieve success in business, you must give as much attention to yourself as you do to the business.  Using mind mapping to plot your personal growth as well as your business journey can achieve some powerful and positive results.

As a coach, I used mind mapping to help my clients gain clarity and balance in their lives. As a human, I use mind mapping for the same reason.  Using a mind map is the ultimate way to create a successful growth strategy for both life and business.

Are you still feeling stuck after using mind mapping?  Give me a call or drop me a line to discuss where you are blocked.  I’m certain that I can help you navigate your current issues and design an extremely effective plan for your future.