The ongoing emergence of female entrepreneurs has changed the way the world looks at female power figures in the business world.  It’s no longer enough to have a few great ideas and good business sense.

Entrepreneurs today must have a strong passion for their business. They are the leaders and the risk-takers, using their strength to create a thriving business from the ground up.  They know how to savor the sweet success of building something from nothing.  They know how this empowers the spirit and they purposefully use this power to propel their lives to new heights and accomplishments.

Today’s female entrepreneur is the new super-hero of the business world. Even as a sole proprietor, these working women exhibit the same traits that large corporations value the most.  Their abilities and wisdom are very powerful and nowhere is that more evident than in those agile entrepreneur brains that fuel their dreams.

The modern female entrepreneur must have a thousand different irons in the fire while keeping a laser-like focus on one end goal of her company—to make a profit.  In short, they must possess the ability to quickly assess a situation and then navigate it so deftly that they leave the competition swimming in their wake.

How does one acquire or improve that mental agility in business?

Honestly, sometimes it can only be improved by ignoring it or pretending it doesn’t exist.  And here’s why:

Female entrepreneurs are driven by the passion they feel for their company and their goals. Rather than being intimated by what lies ahead, female entrepreneurs are comforted and inspired by their dreams.  Because quitting is not an option, they instinctually develop the mental agility to think around a problem in order to find not only a solution, but an advantage.

It’s equally true that the drive for accomplishment and the need to make a difference fuel the daily actions of every female entrepreneur, giving them the ability to make plans and see them through.

The most powerful secret of successful women is how they trust their instincts.  Because the business world was mainly filled with men only a few decades ago, we’re still experiencing some values that were held over from those days.  One of those “old boy” values is to disregard our instincts.

Women today trust their instincts, and when they act on them, success follows.  Women are also willing to admit that they need occasional coaching or advice from others.  While in the middle of solving a business problem or a marketing approach, a person can’t always see exactly what is going on because they are too close to the problem.

In times like these, women are more likely to reach out to a coach to help them negotiate a rough patch or solve a problem.  Women are also more likely to hire someone that helps them move forward not only in their business, but in many areas of their life.

I love helping women realize their dreams.  If you have a relentless need to achieve, to make things happen, and to do great things, contact me, Kelli Coviello.

We’ll work together to make your business dreams come true.