True success requires you to get your head in the game — not in any metaphysical, “new age-y” way, but in a knowing your direction and having a real desire to make shit happen! Getting stuck is normal, especially after a couple of months enjoying the sun, beach, drinking cocktails with umbrellas and the free time to do whatever the fuck you want. It can be a challenge to switch gears and get back to “hustle” mode. But with the fourth quarter literally around the corner, you’ve got to get your head back in the game in order to meet your goals and WIN (which is meeting your year end goals)! Okay. So, how exactly, do you accomplish that?



What were your goals at the start of the year? Did you meet them? No? Take some time to figure out why. What got in your way? Did your priorities or focus just shift? Be super clear here. We have to reflect on where we have been to set our path forward. 



What habits got in your way? Did you binge watch OITNB when you should have been reaching out to leads?  Which habits do you need to adopt to turn things around? For instance, if you haven’t been consistent with your social media, try scheduling a daily or weekly Power Hour and hone your focus. 



Identify each negative thought or bit of self-talk and when you hear “I don’t have time because of …”, flip the switch to “I can get up an hour earlier to make the time I need”! If you keep telling herself, “I don’t know how to start a blog.”, flip the switch and say, “I’m going to hire someone to help me with blog writing.” And, by all means, just stop with “I’m not cut out for this” talk. Turn that into, “I WILL figure this out.” or “It takes time to ramp up. Success doesn’t happen overnight.”



Surround yourself with other motivated go-getters — they’ll give you the push you need when you start to lose focus. As Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” So don’t waste your time with assholes that aren’t going anywhere. If you want success, hang out with other entrepreneurs that are invested in their business and committed to success.



Remember Einstein’s definition of insanity — doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Sometimes when your head isn’t in the game it’s because you’re in a rut and so emotionally and/or financially invested in the path you were on that it’s impossible for you to see that there’s a different way to go. That’s exactly when a mentor/strategist/coach can help you to see where there’s room for improvement, and help you create a new plan of action that will move both you — and your business — forward.

You need to be mentally and emotionally committed to doing what it takes to grow your business. Getting your head in the game takes getting clear about your goals and being willing to put in the effort. Ready to start? Full speed ahead!