We have ALL had our Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunctions or our fair share of one too many wine coolers, i.e. mistakes in life, so what makes us believe we won’t ever have any in business? I thought I was immune from miscalculating. Nope! Shit happens. It’s how we recover from those mistakes that proves important in life or work.

I’ve negotiated millions (over $2 billion, actually) in business deals throughout my career. I know how to write specifications and qualify suppliers. Guess what, though?! When, I started my business, I made some false moves. I hired and partnered with people who later showed their true selves as disreputable and unreliable. Well, hindsight is always 20/20. Did I cry about it? Never! OK, well, maybe for a minute.

After I nursed my fair share of Ben & Jerry’s and went into hibernation mode, I was left with either remaining paralyzed with fear, or bounding forward. The ONLY viable option for your business having that momentum propel you forward, not into a downward spiral. You CANNOT let fear hold conquer your vision and mission.

When you’ve had a blunder, here are some steps you can do for rebounding ASAP:

1. Let it out. Before you can go full-on Elsa and let it go, acknowledge what you are feeling. Maybe, this means scheduling a weep-a-thon in the privacy of your own home, screaming “I did my best!!” Dane Cook style, or bringing out your Jean-Claude Van Damme side in Tae Bo¬†class (is that still a thing?). Whatever works, just let it out and breathe again!

2. Learn the art of giving zero fucks. I know it’s hard at first, but when you stop letting others’ attitudes define you, then you are free to operate your business as you truly feel is best. Society is always trying tell women how you have to care for the feelings of everyone involved, even putting everyone else above yourself. But, put that notion and conditioning aside and act as if their opinions don’t matter because it’s your business. Believe it or not acting like it doesn’t bother you, will sink in. Eventually, you really will let cares of their opinions and regard go, and start doing you. Think of it as method acting your actual life, if you will.


3. Put your game face back on. Alright, now you’ve dusted your hands off and are ready for getting back into a new plan of action. It’s time for getting into game plan mode. Write down all the steps you can take for setting a new course. Remember, the key is embracing your past mistakes in order to avoid repeating them.

4. Monday morning QB. Once you are feeling confident in your new plan, look back and distinguish what lessons you learned. What can you do differently next time to safeguard? Trust me, you will never make that mistake again because you already have a fail-proof strategy.

In closing, I truly believe everything happens for a reason, even if we can’t envision that reason until later. It’s all part of life’s plan. If my life and career hadn’t had the twists and turns it’s had, I wouldn’t be where I am today: grateful for ALL the experiences of my life!

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