Do you know that feeling of getting your first client?  It’s one of the best feelings there is. Getting your first client not only validates your business idea, it also validates you as a professional.

Getting your first client also means that you are on your way to getting your second client.  And that means you can get hundreds of clients.  For most of us, getting that first client is really, really challenging.  And the harder we try, the more frustrated we become.  

Don’t worry if you don’t even have a website yet. I landed my first few clients before my website was even finished. There is a great benefit to landing clients first as this will help you to outsource pieces of your website creation.

If you’d like some help in getting your first client, take a look at the three tips below:

Fall backwards into your first client

Many people get their first paying client by falling backwards into a situation. For example, perhaps you love to create videos. As you create more and more videos, your friends come to you with questions on how to produce and edit them. Then a local business owner asks you to help him create videos. Boom! Now you have your first paying customer!

So the formula can be applied to you, right now, at this very moment. Look at your interests, begin helping others, and then find the intersection of where those two meet.  That’s where you can begin to advertise your services as a professional.

Be helpful

Always look for areas where you can be helpful and provide value. People will smell the desperation from a mile away if you first approach them with an offer to purchase from you. Build up your credibility in Facebook Groups by answering questions and when it’s needed, by providing good feedback. Once others see your skills and your willingness to help, you can make the natural transition of turning them into your paid customers.

Call friends and prospects, BUT…

Instead of asking for work, make them a partner in your first client search. An example would be to send an email that says, “Hey Valerie, I have something really neat going on and would like your assistance. Who do you know that may benefit from (insert service) that would really enjoy working with someone would could really wow them?” When you use this technique, you’re being positive, providing value, and including them as a helpful partner in your search.

By using these three techniques, you can eliminate frustration.  You’ll get your first paid client quickly and before you realize it, you’ll be rolling ahead with your business.

Please contact me for more business strategies that you can implement to get your business going in the right direction.

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