Does the typical messaging in the digital space make you cringe? Do the preachy FB Live Videos with the latest “it guru” spouting off at the mouth about their latest six-figure launch make you want to drink…excessively? Does all the noise of conformity coaches telling you, “Do it this way and you will sign 53 new clients next month!” make you scream, “Bullshit!” at your laptop?

Then, my friend, you are a Realpreneur.

First…Congratulations! We are Realpreneurs too.

We don’t go with the “in” crowd.

Frankly, we never have. We have always done things, “our way,” and make no apologies for that. Now, we’re going to teach you to do the same. We want you to stand out and get noticed because you’ve found your voice, not because you did an ok job regurgitating someone else’s “10 Rules for Killer Webinar,” and a couple people kind of paid attention.

Let’s face it, you don’t need to be on every effing social media platform known to man in order to be successful. That’s really exhausting, and it’s definitely not a good use of your time. What you do need to do is serve your audience intelligently and strategically–not in that desperate, muffled, noncommittal way you’ve been doing lately–we see you senorita! At this point you’re probably saying, “Yea, no shit Sherlock, why don’t you tell me how to do that?”

We’re so glad you asked. We’re here to give you the training and confidence you need to create content that actually furthers your goals and serves your clients so that they’ll be thanking you for sharing your knowledge with them!

Imagine that moment with us for a sec, you send out your latest newsletter and get an email back from a subscriber thanking you for sharing that information, and asking how they can work with you! Yes, please!

The problem? So many of us don’t even know where to start. And even if we do, sometimes it feels so overwhelming that we still don’t even want to take the first step. At MFE Academy we want to eliminate the struggle of sitting in front of your computer for hours wondering, “What am I going to post? Who cares what I have to say? Does anyone even need this? Was it a mistake to even start this business?” First of all, that escalated quickly! Secondly, questioning your ability to serve your audience with your message is the biggest mistake you don’t even know you’re making!

We want to help you squash that comparison paralysis that torments you and tricks you into thinking you need to do what everyone else is doing. We know you’re saying, “But look at Becky. Becky does it this way. I have to be more like Becky.” To that we say: fuck Becky. Becky isn’t you. Becky is a phonypreneur. We want you to be authentically and unapologetically you–no offense to Becky.

If you’re ready to say, “Bye Felicia!” to Becky and make the choice to flip the switch that will have Becky wondering about you, let us introduce you to your new bff: MFE Academy, a monthly program that will give you access to experts in content creation and social media who provide regular accountability and personalized feedback for your business.

With MFE Academy we become your team.

You’ll have a social media expert, business designer, content strategist and business simplifier at your fingertips when your biz needs it–without having to ask Becky who she uses.

What You Get…

2 Strategy Sessions per Month–what this means for you: You’ll have a predetermined time to work on creating, scheduling, editing, and brainstorming your content with immediate access to a professional set of eyes. Think of it like office hours for your math professor from college, only we’re your kickass content professors!

On this monthly two-hour call, we’ll be there to provide feedback and help with creating all of your content–whether it’s social media, lead magnets, email marketing, blogging, or course creation, we’ve got you covered. Our biz strategist Kelli is in her element when it comes to this stuff. Prepare to have your socks knocked off as she provides you with real-time feedback you can easily implement to uplevel whatever project you’re working on!

When: First Thursday of the month at 10amEST (2 hours)

On this monthly one hour call, our social media genius Jamie shares all of her secret ninja tips with you! These tips will change your social media game. We all want to gain more followers, but the goal should really be to gain the right followers (read: the ones that actually buy from you). Jamie will cover that and so much more with a focus on a different aspect of social media marketing every month. Plus, she’ll help you personalize your strategy so that it actually works for you!

When: Every 3rd Thursday of the month at 10amEST (1 Hour)

Access to our team of experts–what this means for you: We’re awesome, but every now and again, you need to bring in the big guns. We’ve got the best copywriters, graphic designers, publicists and industry experts around, and they’re here to provide you with training and advice in very specific areas so that all aspects of your business are covered.

Monthly Content Action Plan–what this means for you: We are going to solve the problem of sitting in front of the screen and not knowing what to post. No longer will you log into Twitter and say, “Oh shit, I didn’t even know it was National Women’s Day!” and then scramble trying to figure out what image to use or the copy to write.   

Templates and Workbooks–what this means for you: You get all the tools you need to grow your business. Kelli loves a good workbook (no, seriously, it’s her happy place). She creates workbooks, exercises and templates that make your life easier.  You will get goodies like the 1-Hour Marketing Plan, How To Flip The Script, The Brand Refresh Guide, The Ultimate Hashtag Guide, Productize To Monetize, Course Idea Workbook, The Holiday Marketing Planner, The Insta-Awesome Guide and more…

Private Community–what this means for you: You could do this all by yourself. You could post in a few FB groups and never get a response to your question. But you don’t have to. You will have a community of other kickass go-getters that are driven and committed to growing their business. 

Skills in 60–what this means for you: As a member of the MFE Academy you will receive discounts on all Skills in 60 video trainings (Free for Founding Members). These are live and recorded and trainings on topics such as Course Creation, Email Marketing, 1 Hour Website, Blogging, Grow Your Following, What The Tech, Creating a Killer Lead Magnet, Facebook Ads and more…

With Many More Benefits….

MFE stands for Modern Female Entrepreneurs. The brand was created by Kelli Coviello and Jamie Palmer with the mission of helping women grow their business without going broke. Our goal is to help drown out the noise of the online space and have a one stop shop where you can gain access to experts that have real world experience and success. Too many entrepreneurs when trying to grow their business aren’t really sure what they need and end up on a hiring a multitude of experts and draining their bank account. MFE represents diverse-minded women-owned business owners that are bold, driven and unique with a side of sassy. We run a six-month Mentorship Mastermind, individual Skills in 60 workshops and are now launching the MFE Academy.


Jamie Palmer is a business coach, social media educator, productizing & packaging expert and business strategist for entrepreneurs. Recognized for her in-depth understanding and use of specialized digital marketing methods, and business strategy necessary for hyper-competitive industries, Jamie is acknowledged as a successful marketer, educator and leader of individuals and corporate teams with diverse backgrounds and experience levels. She is an expert at building highly engaged online communities by leveraging her Masters in Leadership and Information Technology.

Kelli Coviello is a leading-edge mentor in the field of business growth and inbound marketing. Kelli intuitively rides the edge between bad-ass business savvy and the glowing good feeling of a life well lived. As a former corporate consultant, she worked with Fortune 500 Companies to build strategies that created double digit growth in their business. Creator of The Whole Happy Method, Kelli teaches that success in business evolves from well-being in all areas of life. She offers amazing success strategies to women entrepreneurs who are committed to a having a business and a life that they love.

I’m now in my 4th week of putting out consistent content on my Instagram, fb page, twitter and LinkedIn. I was not doing this before I started this program and it’s been a massive shift for me and my business


Founder, Art of Podcast

Working with Kelli and Jamie and our entire MFE group has pushed my business to a whole other level that I had been dreaming of achieving! I  continue to set lofty goals and with this great group behind me my goals will be achieved!!

Colleen Scholer

Health Coach, Making Healthy Fun

This program will be your dirty little secret the next time Becky asks you what you’ve been doing lately! You’ll be able to tell her you have a team now, and you’ve been able to make some serious progress towards those yearly sales goals–even though it’s only July!

Having access to these minds separately probably wouldn’t be doable for most entrepreneurs, but #realpreneurs like us aren’t available for “not doable.” Plus we want you to be successful! We can’t wait to see you start to kick ass and take names!

For that reason, we’re giving you access to this program in two ways:

Option 1: $97 Per Month


Option 2: Pay in full for one year $797

There’s no doubt in our minds that you will see the value in what we’re providing, but if you don’t love it, just shoot us an email and cancel your access. It’s as simple as that.

You owe this to yourself. Being an entrepreneur is tough, but you’re a badass and with our help you’ve got all the support you need to succeed.

So the question is:


As a Founding Member you receive: 40% off pricing PLUS free access to all Skills in 60 workshops


PSA: No Becky’s were hurt in the writing of this post!