Effective Elements of a High Converting Sales Page

It’s no small feat to get people to look at your website, as many a business owner will tell you. And when the ultimate goal of your website is to turn viewers into paying customers, all the hard work you put into attracting visitors will be for nothing without a great high converting sales page. Converting a skeptical viewer with a short attention span into a long-standing customer takes exceptional effort, but it can be done by using some proven key tactics.

Go for elegant simplicity. A hideous website isn’t going to sell your product–and an overly-designed one won’t, either. The same is true for sales pages. It’s important to keep things simple so that your viewers don’t get overwhelmed or distracted. Potential customers often make snap judgements about your business based on what they see within the first few seconds, so stick to the basics with a clean layout.

Hit ‘em with a headline; back it up with benefits. Your sales page headline is the first thing your viewers will see, so make an impact! An ideal headline should grab attention and prepare the reader for what’s next–a concise, targeted list of your product’s benefits. The eye-catching headline and the product’s selling points support each other to convince viewers to make a final purchase.

Use a clear call to action. People are often skeptical about clicking virtual buttons when they aren’t sure where they will lead. To clear up confusion and increase conversion, tell your customers precisely what will happen when they make an action. For example, instead of simply stating “Buy Now” with a button to click on, state exactly what it is the customer will be buying when they follow instructions. Making these buttons clear is every bit as important as making them stand out.

Be trustworthy. It never hurts to show that your company is made up of real, good-intentioned people behind the screen–and that other people have trusted your services in the past. To boost your credibility, include a section on your site for customer testimonials or reviews so viewers can browse what other people think about your business. Another great thing to add are third-party verifications, or logos of other businesses that recommend your business and use your product. Lastly, be sure to use security seals and advertise that consumers’ personal info will be protected on your site.

The end result of a good sales page is definitely, well, sales, but those sales can’t happen without first creating a great rapport with your potential customers. By keeping things simple and 100% transparent for your potential (and current) customers, you can cut through the noise and help guide people through the sales funnel more efficiently.