With only days left in 2016, there is still time left to create some quick wins in your business! If you act quickly and make a concentrated effort to focus your attention to  “on the ground marketing” techniques,  you’re sure to get some last-minute deals on the books before the clock strikes midnight!

Follow these tips for some quick successes:

  1. Focus on low-hanging fruit.

It’s time to pick up the phone and/or send out personal messages to hot and warm leads. I’ve defined both categories below. You should always have a list of these leads.

Hot Leads

These are leads who are in the purchase stage, and are likely to make a purchase with just one more contact from you. To identify your hot leads, make two lists:

  • Leads that fit your ideal client profile
  • Leads that have shown past interest through discovery calls or free trial downloads

The names that appear on both lists are your hot leads. Reach out and set up a call with them today; they are your likeliest quick wins!

Warm Leads

These are leads that are close to being in the purchase stage. To identify these leads, make the following lists:

  • Leads that have downloaded a lead magnet
  • Leads that have shown a high level of engagement via social media and e-mail open rates

The names that appear on both lists are your warm leads. To move them to the purchase stage, create compelling content that will further convince them of your value!

  1. Hold Discovery Calls

One of the most important things that you can do to increase conversions is get your potential customer on the phone. The goal is to listen. Most people get this wrong. They spend more time talking at the customer and outlining their own offers versus actually listening to what the person and needs. You want to ask questions to uncover your potential customers’ pain points. That is, you need to find out what they need and what problems they need solved. Then, you need to convince them that you understand their problem, and ultimately, that you can help them solve it. The potential customer needs to understand what’s in it for them to hire you. How do develop that deep understanding? By using the “5 – Why Method”. Have you ever had a five year old ask you multiple times,  “But why?”? They are fully committed to the process of understand. You have to show that same level of interest (just less annoying). So, summon your inner five year old and keep asking WHY until you feel you have reached the right answer.

Uncovering pain points is done through discussions and relationship-building. Pay close attention in your discovery calls to the things your leads say about their goals and needs. Then map your solution to their needs.

  1. Ask for Referrals

Reaching out to current or past clients to ask for referrals is an excellent way to grow your business. Clients who need your products and services likely know others who need you, too! And there is no better marketing than a referral. It takes so much of the selling pressure off of you as they already have social proof and see you as a potential trusted advisor. You can incentivize referrals by offering your clients discounts, commission, or bonuses.

  1. Create easy content

Depending on where your prospects are in the buyer journey create a quick piece of content that will move them to the next level. That could be a one-page checklist, a blog or a vlog that will guide them through the funnel. No need to recreate the wheel..you can repurpose old content. Maybe you have 4 cohesive blogs that you can turn into a quick eBook. Take a quick inventory of what you have and see if you can update any of it to re-engage some prospects that may have gone silent at some point. Timing is everything. 

The bottom line is to TAKE ACTION…get those prospects on the phone, find some new ready-to-convert leads. Here is a Quick Win Workbook that you can use to work through finding which leads to reach out to.

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